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60 Day Evaluation Request Form

The CahabaWorks release available for download is : Version 17.1.0

Please fill in the information below to register for CahabaWorks Church Software Evaluation. You will be emailed instructions on how to download the software, so be sure to provide a valid e-mail address.

The evaluation will allow you to have ~ 60 days to use the Standard Edition features. At the end of the evaluation if you do not purchase Standard support, it will revert to the FREE Edition. The FREE Edition contains a subset of the features of the Standard Edition. For a comparison of Edition features, click here: CahabaWorks Product Feature Comparison Page We offer the FREE edition of the product as a community service to help small churches. The FREE Edition is ONLY available to faith-based organizations who do not require any support services. You may re-enable the Standard Edition features and obtain maintenance and support any time by purchasing a support contract. You will not need to re-enter any data if you purchase support before your evaluation expires.

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The Evaluation / FREE Edition is available WITHOUT support other than the supplied documentation and video tutorials available to all users. If you require assistance from our support staff for product setup and/or wish to receive maintenance releases, then please purchase a support contract in our CahabaWorks Store. Only supported versions may be upgraded with no need to re-enter data.

Acceptance of the CahabaWorks Standard Evaluations / FREE Edition Licensing Restrictions:
I understand that when my evaluation expires, CahabaWorks will revert to a FREE Edition license unless I purchase support.   
I understand that the FREE Edition license is not supported and I will not be allowed to get maintenance updates.   
I understand that that without support, I will not have access to support staff for setup and/or issue resolution.
I understand that in the FREE Edition, some features are limited and I will not be able to print the reports that I view.

CahabaWorks FREE Edition is only available via download. You may download the install program to a flash drive for installation on another machine if your church does not have internet access. You will be listed as the contact for this licensed version of CahabaWorks FREE Edition. Should the contact person change in the future, please update your registration.

Download instructions will be emailed to the e-mail address you provided.
Please ensure that you have provided a valid email address and that your spam filter does not block email from

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